Ryan’s Chichén Itzá Sketches

Last modified: 30 June 2006

A trip to the Yucatán in October 2005 involved lots of action—mostly dodging Hurricane Wilma as it devestated Cancún and Playa del Carmen (where I stayed after visiting Chichén), but I managed a bit of quiet time to sketch as well. I should be going back down there around the same time this year, so I hope to add more examples, but for now…

The drawing of the cenote can’t really do justice to the vastness of the structure—a hundred-foot-wide, hundred-foot-deep cistern with organically eroded limestone walls dripping with vines, trees, and roots. The snake sketch, on the other hand, captures something of the quality of the stone and the nature of the beast (as it were) that comes through.

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